Molecular Computer's 

After significant advances over the first decade of the new millennium many nanotechnological systems are ready for commercialization. Spirit Nano has developed patents relating to drug delivery of small compound molecules into diseased cells. 



Integrated tattoo ink will allow user's to continuously monitor health. From disease prevention to health maintenance Spirit Ink will allow people to take control of their well being. 



Biomarker's in large cell cancer such as leukemia allows for delivery of chemotherapy agents directly into the diseased cells. This allows healthy cells to survive chemotherapy. 


Heart Disease

Stroke is the third leading cause of death due to the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque. Our systems can clear this plaque as well as cholesterol that coats arteries. 

Affiliated Research

The Stanford Institute of Longevity has granted Spirit the privilege of utilizing resources to bring nano medicine solutions to market. The National Institute of Health & UN Health Counsel provides advisory support for clinical testing.